Liquid Recovery Vacuums

VAC-U-MAX Model TK Liquid Recovery/Transfer Tank Kit Unit

Item #: TK-02

The VAC-U-MAX TK unit mounts directly to the top of a 30 gallon or 55 gallon closed top drum. It is ideal for cleaning up liquid spills and recovering the liquid into the drum.

The VAC-U-MAX Model TK-02 is a unique industrial vacuum cleaner designed for high-speed transfer of various liquids directly into a closed top 55-gallon drum. The TK-02 operates on plant compressed air and provides high suction that offers recovery rates at better than one-gallon per second. These units are compact and fit directly on the holes of a closed top, vacuum tight, 55-gallon drum. This unit also features the lowest compressed air consumption on the market today, only 35 SCFM @ 60 PSIG! They are designed increase plant efficiency and improve overall productivity. The VAC-U-MAX TK-02 saves time, money and is easy to operate.

Standard Equipment

VAC-U-MAX Model TK Liquid Recovery/Transfer Tank Kit Unit Carbon Steel Construction
Vacuum power head with:

  • Single venturi power unit
  • Noise muffler and guard for sound levels below 80 DBA
  • Manual HP air control valve
  • Adjustable orifice assembly for vacuum control 8" Hg. ? 16" Hg.
  • Gasketed flange for insertion in drum vent
  • 2" Material inlet elbow
  • AutoVac liquid cutoff
  • TK Unit has been designed for use on closed-top 30 or 55 gallon (16 gauge minimum) steel drums.

Technical Data

* Single venturi power unit

  • Maximum suction power 16" Hg. (208" H2O)
  • Maximum air flow 100 SCFM
  • Suction connection 2.0"
  • Air operated, requires 35 SCFM @ 60 PSI compressed air
  • Compressed air connection 1/2" NPT (female)
  • Noise Level 79 DBA @ 6" Hg.
  • Weight 36 lbs.
  • Dimensions 19"H x 24"L x 11"W
  • Standard Finish Blue Powder Coat