Air Operated Industrial Vacuum Cleaners

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Replacement Muffler for VAC-U-MAX Air Operated Vacuums

Item #: 01376

Replacement Muffler for VAC-U-MAX Air Operated Vcauum Cleaners and Venturi Air Driven Power Units. The VAC-U-MAX 01376 Muffler is designed to keep your VAC-U-MAX Air Operated Vacuum Cleaner quiet and within OSHA noise level standards. We recommend that the muffler be replaced several times per year based on use of vacuum and quality of the compressed air. 


Vacuum Hose

Item #: 03432

Hose Black Neoprene 2"IDx15'LG S/C


Vacuum Hose

Item #: 03433

Hose Black Neoprene 2"IDx25'LG S/C

Model 55 Drum Top Industrial Vacuum Cleaner Unit for Fine Powder

Item #: 40013

Air Powered Industrial Vacuum, 55 gallon, 200 CFM, Pulse-Jet Filter Cleaning Vacuums for Class II Div II Environments Model 40013.

VAC-U-MAX 55-Gallon Air Powered Industrial Vacuum, Model 40013 for Class II, Division 2 environments is completely grounded and bonded to meet the NFPA 70 requirements for grounding and bonding. These vacuums also meet the definition of an ?intrinsically-safe system?. VAC-U-MAX air-powered vacuums do not use electricity and do not generate any heat from operation.

Standard Equipment

Industrial Complete Vacuum Cleaner with:

  • Twin venturi suction source
  • Pulse Filter Cleaning with air reservoir, pulse button, regulator and gauge
  • Noise muffler and guard for sound levels below 80 dbA
  • HP air control valve
  • Adjustable orifice assembly for vacuum control 8" Hg. ? 16" Hg.
  • Vacuum Equalizer Kit for poly bag loading
  • Extra Large Static-conductive PTFE (Teflon) coated washable internal dust filter rated
  • 99.9% efficient @ 1 micron.
  • 2.0" Anti-sparking Stainless steel material inlet
  • 55-gallon open-top 18-gauge carbon steel drum
  • Drum dolly, 55-gallon, heavy-duty spinning with (4) 4" static conductive swivel casters, and drum lock-down nuts, carbon steel construction.
  • Bonding kit with 6 gauge retractable cable to bond power head to dolly
  • Static conductive High-Pressure .75" x 25" long Hose to connect the power head to customer?s compressed air supply
  • .75 Quick Disconnect assembly
  • (10) Static-conductive poly bags
  • Tool Kit Universal, includes 2-bend floor wand wheeled floor tool, crevice tool and utility tool with rubber nozzle.

This package does not include a vacuum hose. Please consult factory when selecting proper material transfer hose at 800-822-8629.

Technical Data

Twin venturi power unit:

  • Maximum suction power: 16" HG (208" H2O)
  • Maximum air flow: 200 SCFM
  • Suction connection: 2.0"
  • Air operated, requires: 70 SCFM @ 60 PSI compressed air
  • Compressed air connection: 3/4" NPT (female)
  • Noise level: 79 DBA @ 6" Hg