VAC-U-MAX MDL650 Industrial Vacuum Cleaner

VAC-U-MAX MDL650 Industrial Vacuum Cleaner

The MDL650 Continuous Duty Vacuum Cleaner offers a unique approach to containing the powder collected. Using a continuous bagging system eliminates drum handling and gives the operator better control over dust and disposal issues. Along with the bagging system the MDL650 comes equipped with a unique filter cleaning system that does not require compressed air and the filters can be cleaned without shutting the vacuum cleaner down for high productivity cleaning. While the filters are being cleaned the discharge valve opens and automatically discharges the collected product into the continuous bagging system. Other features of the MDL650 include a heavy-duty frame and compact size allowing for up to 3 operators working in a 50’ area. Filter area of the VAC-U-MAX MDL650 is 3X greater then previous models. Large diameter discharge valve means for faster discharge time for the collected dust allowing the operators to continue working faster. The MDL650 is also available with portable intercept with the same continuous bagging system. VAC-U-MAX has been manufacturing industrial vacuum cleaners since 1954 when they marketed the first air-operated vacuum cleaner. With extensive knowledge of handling fine powders VAC-U-MAX industrial vacuum cleaners are rugged machines. Air-Operated vacuum cleaners have a lifetime warranty and are excellent for recovery of liquids as well as powders. The Continuous Duty Vacuum Cleaner line from VAC-U-MAX offers the widest range of possibilities for clean up of almost anything from powder paints to steel shot. VAC-U-MAX also offers Central Vacuum Cleaning Systems for larger plants. Central Vacuum Cleaning System are used in the Cement, Glass and Ceramic industry’s as well as a host of other application where bulk pick up or dust needs to be cleaned up. VAC-U-MAX is also well known for their Pneumatic Conveying Systems for the food, pharmaceutical and chemical industry. VAC-U-MAX, 1-800-822-8629, 973-759-4600,,

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